Cultural Change

This strand is in its early stages focusing on research & development making significant impacts locally, nationally and internationally re: youth, social justice and enterprise. As disruptive thought leaders & critical thinkers Rainmakers are heavily invested in research & development (R & D) ensuring we remain relevant, innovative, service leaders, customer intimate, writing the narratives & leading the discussions. Rainmakers’ invested 56.84% of its turnover in R & D & Innovation that enabled them to form part of the Anthropology PhD programme at Goldsmiths University, looking at research in anthropology, youth, young adult crime and entrepreneurship. Our aim is to become an accredited research organisation through this work. In addition, impact academic and generic study, government policy and best practice on a global scale and to be part of the PhD programme to support in doing this is a significant achievement given our small size.

This is a long term research programme addressing social, economical & political systemic change. We have contributed to local and central government, given evidence to the Centre for Social Justice and at Home Office Select Committees, and we now have qualified researchers on board which will help generate income to sustain the organisations wider community work.

Innovation is the vehicle that birthed Rainmakers & is essential to its success & growth. In addition to this monetary spend we have a network of high talent experts, academics & specialist advisors which provides access to & involvement in the latest research, think tanks, knowledge, paradigm shifts, best practice & staff development. This includes from the London Business School, Cambridge University & University of London, PwC, Buckingham Palace, McKinsey & Co among many others. Historically, we have found it impossible to find all these services within one establishment, resulting in multiple levels of failure & ineffective support being delivered. Rainmakers’ is diligent in its approach & meticulous with its partners to ensure our key services are delivered effectively.