Charitable Organisations

We at Rainmakers Worldwide pride ourselves in helping our clients build a charity from the ground up we support and guide in you all the necessary steps to ensure that charity falls inline with all governmental policies, protocols, and law below we have a list of some of the things you may need to help you get started on your journey and if not finish it.


How do you start a charity?

How can I start my own NGO?

What is a charitable trust fund and how to obtain one?

How do you become a registered charity?

How do you register a charity in the UK?

How do you start your own foundation?

How do you start a foundation for a cause?

How does a foundation operate?

What is the definition of a private foundation?

What is a memorial fund?

What is a charity CIO?

What is a charity?

What is the work of an NGO?

What is a non governmental organization?

What is a charitable remainder trust?

What do you mean by charitable trust?

How do you start a charity in the UK?

How long does it take to set up a charity?

What is a trustee of a charity?

How many trustees do you need for a charity?

How much does it cost to set up a nonprofit organization?

What is a scholarship fund?


We are happy to clarify and breakdown all the the necessary points above as we are excited for you and look forward to your discussing things further to establish you and the organisation.