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Rainmakers WW launch

Official Launch Day

Wow what an amazing day! Today we officially launched Rainmakers Worldwide! Whoop Whoop!!! We started the day at the Palace if you please!

We were invited to an amazing event for young people organised by the Royal Household, hosted by HRH the Duke of York! We were able to meet and speak with him briefly, and though we couldn’t take pictures inside, this was us just before we went in!



Then on to PwC Embankment office for the official launch hosted by the fabulous PwC. We had amazing speakers including Heidi Alexander MP; Emma Mortoo and Akin Thomas who really wowed the crowd! It was an auspicious occasion and one I shall never forget! A huge thank you to all who supported and came out, you really helped to make the day very special! I’m excited to see what the future holds in 2014!!!

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Rainmakers WW making a splash on the airwaves

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Annmarie at Virgin London Marathon

2013 Fundraising Campaign

Our first major project ‘Rainbow Run Campaign 2013 – Bonding many into one’ -saw Annmarie Lewis Founder/Director run the Virgin London Marathon for multiple causes in April 2013, raising nearly £5,000.

Annmarie Lewis ran the Virgin London Marathon in April 2013 against all odds, overcoming both personal health issues and knowing that the causes were dear to her heart. She raised nearly £5,000 for Prostate Cancer UK – of which her father is a recent survivor – thanks be to God; Rainmakers Worldwide her own social enterprise and Bethesda Ministries UK – Operation Touch Community and Outreach programme. Annmarie continues to support these and many other worthwhile organisations.

When asked how she was able to go from not having been a long distance runner to running the Marathon in a few short months, with health disadvantages that affect her joints, Annmarie said “If I can see it (vision) and believe it (heart) then my faith says I can achieve it, ‘For as a man thinketh in his heart so is he”.

Look out for the next fundraiser Rainmakers -Breaking the Rules Changing the Game’ Kickstarter Project. We are rising to the challenge, have picked up the mantle and are ready to run with it… ’30 days’ to raise a minimum £10,000 to launch their revolutionary board game, transforming the lives of would be ‘gang members’ into entrepreneurs.

Believing they have what it takes, with the help of their online communities and your online communities, the race begins….Coming soon November 2013!!!

Through her steely determination, Annmarie has already proven you can achieve anything that you put your mind to, if your willing to work hard for it! Get on board, Get excited, Rainmakers are going IN……

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Annmarie Lewis finalist

Finalist CBV & RBS Inspiring Women in Enterprise Business Programme

Category : Leadership

Annmarie Lewis is a finalist in the ‘RBS Inspiring Women in Enterprise’ CBV Women Entrepreneurs Business Programme. Having competed with nearly150 women, Annmarie was chosen to be one of the final 15, competing for free office space at the fabulous Weatherhill House and ongoing mentoring and business support.

Wish her luck as she prepares to blow the judges away with her final pitch coming soon….Watch this space for outcomes and hopefully new offices!!!

Any tips on presentations or comments from previous winners or programme participants, or any other interested party. Please feel free to post or get in touch – all will be welcomed….