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PWC Award Winner 2014

Rainmakers Worldwide is a small award winning social organisation founded in 2010 and incorporated 2012. Built upon our ethos ‘changing lives through enterprise’, we deliver action learning programmes, life & business coaching, personal and professional development to young people, adults and women from diverse backgrounds, primarily to create their own sustainable businesses.

With increasing numbers of marginalised people with challenging issues such as homelessness, offending and abusive or seriously disadvantaged backgrounds, it is well documented that, in addition to individual suffering, this creates huge costs for our society. Traditional responses to this challenge are incredibly costly, tend to address the symptoms not the causes and treat the individuals as ‘a problem’.

Rainmakers’ is different because of its ability to see as an opportunity what other people / agencies see as a problem and to effectively deliver ordinary solutions to extraordinary social problems in fun, novel and enterprising ways.


Rainmakers’ is renowned for:

1. Innovation recognising opportunities where others see problems

2. Recognising the latent talents of individuals, nurture & developing entrepreneurial & commercial skills

3. Providing extensive, tailored, holistic personal & professional development support

4. Building confidence, self-respect & sense of self worth

5. Helping them to create wealth for themselves & society particularly creating their own sustainable businesses

6. Enabling them to positively turn their lives around


Historically, we have found it impossible to find all these services within one establishment, resulting in multiple levels of failure & ineffective support being delivered. Rainmakers’ is diligent in its approach & meticulous with its partners to ensure our key services are delivered effectively.

Our overall aim is to redress these imbalances, improve economic and social mobility among these groups and bring much needed added value to diversify current and future markets.

We represent the emerging market of social entrepreneurship that focuses on total or 360 degree impact. As pioneers in our field, we were the first in the UK to marry the private, public and third sectors in our unique innovative way bridging the gap between the corporate markets and ‘the streets’. In our first 5 years of operation (2 years in a voluntary capacity) Rainmakers has punched well above its weight and delivered measurable benefits to thousands of people in a highly efficient manner.

Innovation is the vehicle that birthed Rainmakers & is essential to our success & growth. In addition to financial investment we have a network of high talent experts, academics & specialist advisors which provides access to & involvement in the latest research, think tanks, knowledge, paradigm shifts, best practice & staff development. This includes from the London Business School, Cambridge University & University of London, PwC, Buckingham Palace, McKinsey & Co among many others.

To find out more about what we do, how we do it and how to get involved, please do get in touch via our contacts page, telephone, email or social media.Annmarie Lewis (Mres, MA, BA hons) is a doctoral student of Anthropology, Youth Crime & Entrepreneurship, with 21 years experience in criminal and social justice, and the last 6 years also in Business and Enterprise. She holds 2 Masters Degrees in Research & in Youth, Community Work & Applied Anthropology & BA in Criminal Justice. She has seen the complex social problems young people, young adults and women from diverse and / or challenging backgrounds face & the immense potential that so many have and is dedicated to harnessing that potential.

Annmarie brings her person-centred & friendly approach to help shape youth, social justice & entrepreneurship on an international scale. She is passionate about supporting people evident through the thousands of lives she has impacted. Her experience includes roles within the Prison Service; Youth Justice Board & London Youth. She started rainmakers because during her career she saw how young people were being poorly served, with little or no support package after custodial release & high rates of reoffending. In these difficult economic times these young adults often don’t have realistic short or long term employment opportunities. Many have great entrepreneurial skills, but use them inappropriately & illegally. With nothing more than an idea & faith she was sponsored by Linklaters LLP, through the Fellows programme at the School for Social Entrepreneurs, to develop the YELP model as a direct response to this issue and Graduated 2011.

Annmarie is also a coach, mentor and qualified Action Learning facilitator who is professionally trained in mediation, conflict resolution and advocacy. She previously sat on the Programmes Advisory Board for both the Positive Change Programme – London Youth and Safe Choices – Nia project. Upon request, Annmarie also acts in an advisory capacity to local and central government and has given evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committees and Centre for Social Justice on penal and social reform.

Annmarie currently volunteers within local third sector organisations, has recently contributed to the book Letters to a young generation 2 which was ranked number 1 in its category and is soon to be a published author in her own right revolutionising mindsets and practices regarding modern Youth, Community Work and Entrepreneurship.

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