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Rainmakers Worldwide - 'Changing lives through enterprise'. Our mission is to deliver ordinary solutions to extraordinary social problems, through a framework of support, development and entrepreneurship. We are a training and development consultancy specialising in business start up, analysis and strategy; leadership training and development; capacity building; change management and intra / entrepreneurship. We operate as a social enterprise in our own right, supporting and developing young adults and women, from a wide range of diverse backgrounds, in enterprise.

Young people/adults deemed ‘Hard to Reach’ are some of the most marginalised and excluded people in today’s society, yet our future rests on their shoulders....

We do this through our unique action learning programmes, specifically tailored to our clients individual and corporate needs. Our centralised theme is around positive change and our ethos is to strive for excellence in all we do. We deliver across three work strands, Community; Consultancy and Cultural change with a strong track record from expert trainers and coaches in our respective fields.





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Rainmakers WW launch

Official Launch Day

Wow what an amazing day! Today we officially launched Rainmakers Worldwide!

Rainmakers WW making a splash on the airwaves

Rainmakers Worldwide

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Annmarie at Virgin London Marathon

2013 Fundraising Cam

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